With capabilities that span the LED Lighting value chain, CABA can seamlessly fill that critical hole in your company’s core competency.


  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • High Bay and Low Bay
  • Surface Mount and Troffer
  • Linear and Strip
  • Horticulture (Cannabis, Food, and Ornamental)
  • Area, Parking, and Security
  • Custom air handling

PCB Assembly, Drivers, And Purpose-Built Light Engines:

  • Surface mount (MCPCB, FR4, Flex, Hybrid)
  • Custom power supplies
  • Off-the-shelf modules and drivers
  • Wire and connectors

Enclosures, Optics, Controls, And Other Fixture-Level Components:

  • Steel/Aluminum custom enclosures, fixture bodies, face frames, J-boxes
  • Baffles, reflectors, custom mounting brackets
  • Optical solutions and enclosures (injection molded, formed, extruded, or configured from off the shelf components)
  • Controls (0-10V, Zigbee, DMX, DALI, WiFi, BLE), cloud and stand-alone
  • Power cords, power entry modules, filters

Leds And Other Board-Level Components:

  • LED (surface mount and thru-hole)
  • High Power, Mid Power and Chip on Board
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers
  • Discrete power
  • Fuses, Switches
  • Connectors

Design Engineering:

Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers provide expertise in full product design, from conception to POC to full-scale production. Our tool set includes SolidWorks, Photopia, AutoCAD, and 3D modeling/printing.


Our staff in the US, Hong Kong, and mainland China maintains multiple sources for all types of LED Lighting components, including PCB assembly, thermal management, optics, injection molded components, die casting, cold forging, and fully integrated commercial fixtures.

Contract Manufacturing:

Our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities include sheet metal fabrication (stamping, forming, CNC, waterjet), powder coating, PCB assembly, and full fixture integration in our UL-certified facility in Spokane, Washington.


General Lighting is our bread and butter. With both standard and custom products specifically designed for office, retail, warehouse, manufacturing, and outdoor implementations, CABA can meet all lighting needs with high-efficacy and low-cost solutions.


CABA has been on the leading edge of development for the emerging indoor horticulture space and has received a patent for how to create ideal spectrums for multiple crop types. We have partnered with a few of the leading brands in the space to integrate our unique IP into purpose-built fixtures that serve cultivators in numerous markets. From cannabis to food production, from floriculture to algae grown for bio-fuels, CABA has a technology platform we can integrate for you.


The CABA team understands the requirements and regulations that municipalities demand for parking, traffic signal, and streetlamp lighting. We help manage the bureaucracy by developing and producing technologies that get approved the first time.


CABA has years of experience in the automotive OEM and aftermarket space, including the design and manufacturing of headlights, decorative products, replacement lamps, and EVL products for first responders.


In addition to our experience producing hospital and medical office infrastructure lighting, including headlamps, instrumentation, and overhead lighting, CABA has worked closely with entrepreneurs to develop cutting-edge devices and gain market access in the medical space.


CABA’s specialty is custom design, quick prototyping, and local manufacturing – all in an effort to minimize churn and speed time to market. We’re comfortable working across any industry to provide market-winning solutions.


The CABA team has been focused exclusively on LEDs for 30 years, so our industry and application know-how is unparalleled, but the most important reason to work with CABA is that we become an extension of your team. We’ll earn your trust.