We care about relationships. We have the experience and technology expertise needed to manage any project. Our location gives us the speed and flexibility to quickly turn your design into reality. Sound good?


  • customer care
  • collaborative
  • confidentiality
  • trust
  • flexibility
Customer focus is what differentiates CABA. We treat our customers like partners. We promote communication and collaboration to achieve the best results, remain flexible in light of changing requirements, and protect our customer’s confidentiality and IP vigorously. In return, our customers honor us with their trust and their candor — knowing that free and open communication is the key to a good partner relationship.
Our partnership with CABA has endured for three reasons: service, service, and service
Fortune 500 Residential Lighting Manufacturer
CABA got our startup to market in just months. We could not have achieved our success without them.
California-based Toy Company
  • get the job done right the first time
  • creativity
With over 30 years of history in LED lighting, we have the experience needed to identify the right approach to a new project from the start and avoid common pitfalls along the way. CABA not only has the staff to manage every aspect of your project, but also partners with leading designers to design, develop, and deliver creative, world-class solutions.


We needed a custom part, but didn’t know how to find it. A friend suggested I call CABA and we had what we needed weeks later. They are now my go-to source for any project that really matters.
Heavy-Industrial Equipment Fabricator
Our previous manufacturer couldn’t determine the root cause of the failures on one of our critical Light Engines. CABA not only identified and solved the problem, but also worked with the LED manufacturer to ‘write the manual’ on working with the sensitive part.
Carolina-based Commercial Lighting Manufacturer


  • ip
  • innovation
  • customization

CABA’s specializes in developing innovative, customized solutions to meet your needs and expand your IP. We have the technological capabilities to take a project from drawing board to prototype in hours or days instead of weeks or months. In addition, CABA’s patented technologies can offer an advantage to those looking for a competitive edge and our broad-reaching UL file can potentially cover many custom products, therefore speeding the time to market for many commercial, industrial, or horticultural applications.

Big LED companies wanted nothing to do with my custom requirements. CABA had samples in my hands in four weeks.
Southern-California Based Design Lighting Manufacturer
US based manufacturing of custom lighting fixtures is not only possible, but preferable. The ideal light can often result in a lower cost solution that is perfectly optimized to your application. Our fully-integrated manufacturing facility in Spokane turns raw materials into a ready-for-market fixture under one roof—improving quality, reducing waste, and shrinking lead times. Our international presence means when a project calls for sourcing or producing overseas, we have the infrastructure in place to get the job done. Our doors are always open for your customer visits and audits. The comprehensiveness of our operation creates more flexibility in yours.


When I needed to bring my largest customer to “my” factory, CABA made it easy. They rolled out the red carpet and reassured my customer of my capabilities.
Chicago-based Commercial Lighting White-Label Manufacturer
I never realized how much time was wasted communicating with my suppliers in China. My 24-hour feedback loop became 24 seconds when I moved to CABA.
Communications Tower Fabricator


The CABA team has been focused exclusively on LEDs for 30 years, so our industry and application know-how is unparalleled, but the most important reason to work with CABA is that we become an extension of your team. We’ll earn your trust.