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Cannabis Horticulture Gets a Boost with Award-Winning Innovation: The CABA DLI Detective and CT-141 LED Grow Light
February 27, 2024

Cannabis growers, greenhouse operators, and anyone passionate about horticultural lighting rejoice! This blog post highlights two innovative advancements that are set to revolutionize your cultivation practices: the award-winning CABA DLI Detective and the CT-141 HPS replacement light fixture, both designed by brilliant minds at CABA Technologies.

Shining a Light on Innovation: The CABA DLI Detective

Our very own lead engineer, Brett Horstketter, recently received the prestigious AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the field: the CABA DLI Detective. This free, user-friendly online tool empowers cultivators of all kinds, from cannabis enthusiasts to greenhouse veterans, to make data-driven decisions regarding their supplemental lighting needs.

Harnessing the Power of Data for Optimal Yields:

By simply entering your email address and location, the DLI Detective leverages five years of NASA Power Project data to generate a comprehensive report specific to your geographic region. This report provides:

  • Daily Light Integral (DLI) readings for your exact location, broken down by month and measured in mols (millimoles per square meter per second).
  • Easy-to-understand graphs or charts to visualize the data.

With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can:

  • Strategize your crop planning to maximize growth potential.
  • Make informed decisions when purchasing supplemental lighting.
  • Design customized lighting schedules tailored to the specific needs of each crop, whether it’s cannabis, vegetables, flowers, or anything in between.

The DLI Detective even allows you to:

  • Set target DLI goals and
  • Factor in your greenhouse construction materials to account for light loss.

This innovative tool, lauded by ASABE as one of the year’s most groundbreaking advancements, is eloquent, simple, and free – a testament to CABA Technology’s commitment to empowering cultivators with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

Introducing the CT-141: A Game-Changer for HPS Replacement

While the DLI Detective is a powerful tool for optimizing light management, our innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re also excited to introduce the CABA CT-141, an HPS replacement light fixture that is:

  • Elegant and simple in design.
  • Exceptionally reliable and lightweight, weighing in at only 12 pounds, making it the lightest option on the market.
  • Compact in size, minimizing its footprint in your greenhouse.

These features translate to:

  • Reduced stress on your greenhouse infrastructure.
  • Safer installation and maintenance.

Combining the Power of the DLI Detective and CT-141

When you combine the data-driven insights from the DLI Detective with a consultation from our expert team, you can:

  • Determine the exact number of CT-141 fixtures you need for your specific greenhouse setup.
  • Strategize optimal deployment for maximum impact on your crops.
  • Maximize the positive influence of these innovations on your farm’s yield and profitability.

We encourage you to explore the CABA DLI Detective and learn more about the CT-141 fixture. These advancements are poised to revolutionize the way you approach cannabis horticulture and greenhouse cultivation, empowering you to cultivate success, one informed decision at a time.