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Handbuilt in the U.S., our broad spectrum white lights come with the industry’s best warranty.

Made-to-last  •  High-performance  •  Cost-effective

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ONE4ONE 2.0 – Greenhouse Edition

Made for Greenhouses

Patented active cooling system + ultra-efficient supplimental spectrum + small shade profile

1865 – 2100 µmol
3.0 – 3.4 µmol/J
640 watt max



Made for Greenhouses

Patented active cooling system + patented tunable white + small shade profile


1216 µmol
2.3 µmol/J
600 watts



What Clones Need

Ultralight + easy to install + patented broad-spectrum white + compact linear design for flexible hanging

210 µmol
2.3 µmol/J
100 watts




Simple Operation

Ultralight + easy to install + patented broad-spectrum white + compact square design for flexible hanging

222 µmol
2.34 µmol/J
95 watts



The Flagship Model for Commercial Growers

Uniformity + deep canopy penetration + patented tunable white & UV light

1400 µmol
2.5 µmol/J
600 watts



The Ultra-Light Option for Commercial Growers

Easy installation + patented broad-spectrum white light + controls compatible

785 µmol
2.6 µmol/J
300 watts



Ideal for Every Vegetation Phase

HI-LO presets for controller-less dimming + patented broad-spectrum white light + controls compatible

422 µmol
2.5 µmol/J
185 watts



The Light to Reach New Heights

Low cost + high performance + ultra flexible installation + patented broad-spectrum white light

134 µmol
2.68 µmol/J
50 watts



Photoperiod Safe Work Light

IP65 vapor tight body + field selectable output level + easy install.

4600 lumens
530 nm peak wavelength
50 watts

CABATech Touch Controller

CABATech Touch

Feature Packed Lighting Controls

Up to 3 channels of control + 16 weeks of scheduling + photoperiod control + temperature, humidity sensors + CO2 and PPFD sensors (sold seperately)

Optimize Your Growth

Dialing in your best grow takes time, analysis, and expertise. We offer FREE resources to make it easy to start growing cannabis or find out if you’re getting the most out of your setup.

All FREE — Our time, technology, and a PDF with your results.
  • Lighting Layout

    We use advanced quantum meters on-site, take multiple readings of your grow, and provide you with detailed PPFD and Spectral Analysis free of charge. See how your existing lighting stacks up against industry best practices.

  • DLI Study & Analysis

    Use our online tool or provide us an exact address, and we will analyze what Mother Nature is already providing you. Add a target, and a complete supplemental lighting plan that covers all 365 days is yours!

  • Full Environmental Audit

    Our team comes to you with a complete suite of environmental analysis tools and measures your light, air, soil, and water, giving you a snapshot of how your grow aligns with best practices.

    Ever wonder what your Soil Oxygen Levels are? Water EC? Looking at your C02? Need to identify micro-climates in your space? This comprehensive study is the way to go! — and if your schedule permits, lunch is on us.

You worry about the plants; let us handle the lights.   Find out more