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See how CABA has met the unique needs of our clients with our deep capabilities and service-based approach.
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Medical / Controls / Design Engineering

A group of Ivy League PHD’s working on the effects of light on human circadian rhythms contracted with CABA to develop a control system that would implement a lighting environment that they developed through their research. After a few face to face sit-downs and the development of a whitepaper and product performance specification a full autonomous lighting controller was developed on their behalf to implement a very advanced full day light simulation that could be added to any white color tuning commercial light fixture.

Commercial / Fixtures / Design Engineering / Manufacturing

A major architectural brand, struggling to make the transition from fluorescent to LED, approached CABA to help them transform their entire commercial product line to LED. Through a careful process of listening to the client’s requirements, a full set of product performance specifications were developed, and a completely new line of specification grade fixtures were developed. During the process, the client also expanded into the industrial space with a full line of retrofits and highbay fixtures, which CABA designed and developed to meet the demands of the client’s market research. CABA managed all UL certification and brought the 16 product lines to market in under 6 months. CABA continues to perform all manufacturing for the client in the USA and drop-ships product directly to customers throughout North America.

Specialty / Drivers and Purpose-Built Light Engines / Design Engineering / Manufacturing

A major supplier of in-grade fixtures for the pool and spa industry approached CABA with a rough design concept and contracted with us to bring their idea to commercial viability. Starting with the basic feature set that had to be delivered, including both BLE wireless control integration and IOS/Android application development, CABA designed a driver and light engine that would withstand the rigors of the application and allow for the smooth transition of RGBW color changing across a very granular pallet. Prototypes were developed and proof of concept presented ahead of schedule and under budget. The resulting design has become a flagship product for the client. CABA continues to provide made in the USA drivers and light engines on a stock and release schedule.

Roadway / Fixture-Level Components / Design Engineering / Sourcing / Manufacturing

A major provider of parking lot lighting was contracted by an architectural firm to create a unique light fixture that would be part of the branding for a large group of chain stores and shopping malls. The industrial designer had developed a unique form factor, so no off-the-shelf optical solutions were available that would provide the lighting distribution required by local code for the parking lots. CABA took the industrial design and created a completely integrated fixture gear tray that could drop directly into the formed fixture body. This project was a rush job and delivered POC units, that met both local codes and international safety standards, 21 days from product initiation.

Specialty/Board-Level Components/PCB Assembly/Sourcing

A top outdoor lighting manufacturer needed assistance developing custom high-intensity multi-die LED packages to supply their contract manufacturers in China. With our strong background in customizing components, CABA helped the client design and acquire the appropriate dice, manufacture the LEDs, and assemble the final package on a custom PCB – all within 30 miles of their manufacturing facility, and at a cost lower than their initial target.

Automotive/Fixtures/Enclosures/Design Engineering/Manufacturing

A leading US-based provider of aftermarket automotive lighting products had an innovative idea to create a user-serviceable LED system replacement for an existing incandescent solution. They needed not only manufacturing support, but also DFM (design for manufacturing) review of their concept and all the finishing touches required to bring a “cocktail napkin” design to production ready. With a careful survey of the market, the concept and the target price point, CABA reworked the design and helped the client create an award-winning product.

Horticulture/Fixtures/Optics/Design Engineering/Manufacturing

As the emerging horticulture market readied for launch in 2014, CABA invested heavily into the R&D of an optimized solid-state system capable of radically advancing productivity in indoor horticulture. Partnering with a few of the largest brands in the space, we were able to package our unique IP into various form-factors, enabling these brands to be first to market, capture market share, and provide best-in-class technology under their own brand name.


The CABA team has been focused exclusively on LEDs for 30 years, so our industry and application know-how is unparalleled, but the most important reason to work with CABA is that we become an extension of your team. We’ll earn your trust.