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How can you compete on price with China-based manufacturers?
First, China is not as cheap as it used to be. Second, shipping costs a lot, even if you’re willing to wait. Most importantly, local manufacturing enables smaller runs, a shorter feedback loop, improved decision making, and quicker turns. The end result is less churn and more savings.
It sounds like you’re really focused on custom solutions. What if I just need a great price on components?

We focus on individual client needs. Different markets demand diverse solutions and we are happy to help you with your off-the-shelf solutions or that hard-to-find part.

Do you have any minimum quantity requirements?
We regularly take on small projects. Whether it’s a developing a new line for an existing customer or working with someone new on a promising concept, we believe in developing the next big thing from the ground up. That way we’re invested together.
How do you protect our unique IP?
In addition to enforcing standard non-disclosure agreements, we also create firewalls among our sales and engineering staff when sensitive projects or potential conflicts occur. In addition, all factory visits are cross-matched against production schedules to guarantee confidentiality.
What types of warranty do you offer?
All of our products are protected by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defect.
Do all of your products qualify as “Made in America”?
Every project is obviously different, but the vast majority of the products we make for our customers earn the ‘Made in America’ designation.
How do we know you won’t share our proprietary information with other clients?
Confidentiality is our utmost priority when working with multiple clients from the same industry. We sign mutual NDAs to begin all projects and will quickly earn your trust. This is never a concern once we start working with closely with new customers.
Are you able to source low-cost imports in addition to your custom manufacturing?
We focus on individual client needs. Different markets demand diverse solutions and we are capable of meeting all of these needs with many different solutions, including importation of goods.
Can I tour your facility?
Of course! Save yourself a 12-hour plane ride and come visit our factory in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Both you and your customers will be proud to call our facility “home”.
If I have the idea and you help me develop it, who owns the IP?
You always own your unique IP. Period. In the event that you’re able to utilize the CABA IP Library, you will always retain a royalty-free license as long as CABA produces the product.
Will you do design work for a fee?
CABA is not a design-for-hire business. Our design and engineering services are intended to secure your manufacturing business and build a long-term partnership with you.
You mention horticulture. Do your products work with marijuana as well as with food crops?
Yes! Our unique IP is well-suited for both the production of food crops as well as legal cannabis cultivation.
How are the Tariffs impacting your costs?
We’ve worked closely with our vendors to reduce the effect of tariffs on all raw materials. Thus far, the only material that has been negatively impacted has been steel and aluminum. We are transparent with respect to these costs and they are included openly in our quotes and proposals.


The CABA team has been focused exclusively on LEDs for 30 years, so our industry and application know-how is unparalleled, but the most important reason to work with CABA is that we become an extension of your team. We’ll earn your trust.