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Light Spectrum & Tunability

How do I adjust the spectrum on your lights?

If your light fixture is spectrum tunable, simply plug an RJ12 Data Cable into the jack on the fixture, and connect the other end to the controller. To troubleshoot common issues when tuning, please see our Controls Compatibility Guide.

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What’s the pinout on your dimming port?

We use a standard pinout across all our products to make them fully dimmable and tunable through an RJ12 0-10V dimming interface. The pinout is as follows:

Pin #  Function

  1. + Channel 3 (Kicker)
  2. + Channel 1 (Cool)
  3. – Channel 1
  4. + Channel 2 (Warm)
  5. – Channel 2
  6. – Channel 3

For more information, please see our Controls Compatibility Guide.

Download the guide


We are committed to providing top-quality fixtures and exceptional customer service. That’s why all of our fixtures come with a best-in-the-biz L90-based warranty, which means they are guaranteed to maintain at least 90% of their original output for 5 years. Check it out here


Do you have any minimum quantity requirements?

Our priority is your grow, not your size. We provide high-quality, affordable grow lights for any size operation — from a simple garage setup to a large, commercial grow. We’re happy to help you get started from the ground up or work with you to scale. Our only requirement is a mutual investment.

Where can I buy your products online?

We’re always happy to give you recommendations based on your grow, which means a conversation and a quote from us first, then direct ordering. But if you’d like to order online, below are our current retailers;


Where do you manufacture your lighting products?

Apart from the FLEX-50, all our products are manufactured in Spokane Valley, WA.

How do you manufacture lightweight grow lights?

We use aircraft-grade aluminum and, depending on the fixture, passive convection cooling or no-nonsense active cooling with no heavy-weight heatsinks to keep our lights operating efficiently and safely.

Light Expertise

What patents do you have?

Innovation is one of our top priorities. We hold six U.S. patents for horticulture grow lights. Our patents are publicly available if you’d like to learn more about the technology we use in our grow lights.

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Can one of your lighting experts audit my operations?

Call us at 800-853-7606 or fill out our contact form, and we will schedule a visit to ensure your operations align with your growth goals

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Fill out our contact form, and we’ll send you a swag bag (including Micro Mole stickers)!

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Still have questions?
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