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Made in the USA
November 02, 2021
When we organized a group of solid state lighting pioneers with over 50 years industry experience to launch one of the first SSL Horticulture companies, we committed to domestic manufacturing.  Our founders had decades of experience manufacturing light fixtures in both the United States and China and understood the value proposition of each — increased response time, faster product development, and the ability to offer custom tailored solutions could only happen if we committed to Made in the USA.

No one saw the current logistics and supply chain troubles coming, but CABA positioned ourselves not to be reliant upon Asian supply chains, unpredictable tariff schedules, and transoceanic transport issues.  Our in-house, vertical capabilities allow us to deliver fully integrated, state of the art horticultural solutions, produced in our Spokane, Washington factory without delay!  We bring in big rolls of steel and aluminum in one door and ship light fixtures out the other.

CABA is not just a marketing company peddling foreign-sourced me-too products, but the innovator and patent holder for the IP you and your clients are using.  Our extensive patent portfolio provides the basis for hundreds of thousands of installed grow lights worldwide and is available royalty-free to our customers.

If you have a project and you value Made in the USA quality and service, let’s talk!

Factory Floor Spokane, WA

Factory Floor in Spokane, WA

CABA's in-house Photometric Lab

In house photometry with Integrating Sphere and near-field goniometer